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vincent van gogh

starry night mosaic

Grades 5 and 6 (2018)

Combination of mosaic and clay

In term 4 (2018) grades 5 and 6 completed this mosaic inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night. We started by resizing Van Gogh's painting to our big board for the mosaic. We divided the original painting into a 10x10 grid and then drew the same grid on our board. The grid helped us keep the right proportions. When we finished the drawing we allocated different colour tiles to each area. We learnt how to use tile adhesive to stick beautiful coloured tiles, leaving even gaps in between them. For the houses we traced the drawing using tracing paper and then transferred it onto a slab of clay. We added texture to the walls, windows, doors and roof. After the first firing, we used underglaze paint to add colour to our houses and then glazed it to get a shinny finish. We stuck the clay houses using the same tile adhesive and we completed the mosaic around them. When the mosaic was finished we used grey grout to fill the gaps between the tiles and cleaned it really well to make it look shiny. It only took us 2 weeks to complete and it looks soooo great!

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